About Us

Enviro-Decon is focused on air quality management programs addressing immediate threats to health and safety. We are committed to developing personalized programs for future excellent air-quality and environmental solutions.

Who we are

Who we are

With 35 years experience in the construction and decontamination industry, Randy Bierlein, CEO has been able to take this amazing technology and help bring it to the public. A Certified Mold Remediator himself, Randy now looks to share these incredible products, procedures and protocols to help clean up not only indoor air but to initiate far reaching bacterial and pathogenic decontamination in our schools, hospitals and nursing homes. His passion for this work in progress is constantly expanding and reaching many across the country in an effort to bring this technology to the mainstream environmental testing companies. Realizing that traditional remediation methods are extremely costly and not as effective, he offers hope to those who otherwise would not be able to afford remediation from mold, smoke, odors, clandestine meth-labs and other forms of indoor air pollution. Please feel free to call to discuss any involvement with Enviro-Decon Services as a contractor, environmental company or homeowner.

The Product

Our products are extremely effective at toxin elimination. Whether mold, chemicals, viral, bacteria, smoke damage, pet odors, or toxic waste / contamination, we have a solution for you. Because we attack the contamination at an atomic / molecular level, there is virtually no problem that we cannot provide solutions for. Although our technologies are highly superior, our prices are much less than traditional Methods. More Service, More Effective Treatment, Less Cost, is what we're about.

The proprietary formulations we use, were developed by Sandia Laboratories under a federal grant to develop decontamination solutions for chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. These formulations were found to be 100% biodegradable, non-corrosive, and non-toxic. Yet, they are so effective, (when implemented through our fog / foam process), that they kill 99.9999969% of all mold, mold spores, and mycotoxins, (laboratory tested and independently verified). At the same time, bacterial, viral, and chemical contaminates are also destroyed. Our formulations are strong enough to separate mercury from metal, (great for industrial toxic cleanup), yet safe enough to be EPA approved for use in hospitals, nursing homes, and restaurants.

The EPA has estimated that indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Many viruses, bacteria and molds thrive in these indoor environments. Volatile organic compounds (voc's) from man-made glues, OSB board, carpet and furniture add to this problem. The devastating effects of these contaminants, (see mold), must be eliminated, before they can harm your loved ones.

The good news is: we can help. We are excited to do so. Whether you are a property management company, insurance company, Realtor, property owner, mortgage company or bank, home-owner, or farmer, we have the solution for you. It's called Enviro-Decon.