Air Quality

Clean air is essential for everyone's health and safety. Statistics show that for every 10 workers, poor air quality causes an additional 6 sick days per year. The resulting cost of lost productivity in the U.S. is in the billions of dollars. Whether your plant employs 10, 20, or 300, the cost savings in dollars = .60 times your employee population, multiplied by one days wage. The savings is very significant.

Toxic Waste

We are licensed to market and distribute for commercial applications, a patent-protected decontaminant that was developed under a U.S. Congressional grant for use by the U.S. military. This proprietary formulation is devastating to mold, fungus, viruses, etc. Its ability to detoxify contaminants applies to soil, water, and air. However it can also neutralize virtually any toxic substance. This is because of the amazing science behind it.

How It Works

Our products work at the atomic / molecular level to break bonds within compounds. This separates them into elements. Nearly all toxic substances are a combination of benign elements. The result of separating them relieves any situation of toxic danger, whether soil, air, or water. Because our products biodegradable, you can literally treat an area, and walk away.

Heavy Metals

Certain elements are toxic in and of themselves. Mercury is an element, which will attach itself to any metal. A contaminated industrial tank is normally useless and must be disposed of at a very large cost. However, we can break the bonds between the mercury and the tank, allowing flushing of the tank. While we cannot detoxify the mercury, we can remove it and detoxify the tank.

Our treatments are by far the most cost effective option, based on application and results. However, when you add in the cost savings of employee health, you will find a huge profit.

There are many uses and applications for our products. Feel free to contact or call us for more specific information.