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Every Realtor's biggest issue when listing and selling property or working with a client to purchase property is the condition of the property. Inspections shut down deals every day due to mold. This along with unpleasant odors can turn a prospective buyer away more often than just about anything else. Most buyers can deal with off paint colors, old carpet or even a wall that needs to be moved, but show mold or a rank smell and they are gone! This is where we come in.

We can, at a fraction of the cost of traditional remediators, destroy smoke, urine, foreclosure stale smells and mold/mildew. These are easy for us because we have our product. Our revolutionary product allows to be be faster, less expensive and much more effective than more traditional remediation methods. The product we use is green, biodegradable, non-staining and non-toxic. The amazing thing is that it destroys all of the contaminants in a home with one application and cleans the air in the ENTIRE home, leaving it free of not only mold and odors, but also free of allergens, bacteria, and viruses.

We make it easy to work with us by putting together a plan to address not only the problem, but the source causing the problem, and put that in writing every time, so you can use that in your negotiations if you are in that situation. In many cases, we can do the tear out work, as well as installing needed ventilation into attics so we can do work that would otherwise need to be hired out. And most of our work can be accomplished within one single day, so the homeowner does not need to be out of their home more than one day.

Go to our contact page and set up an appointment free of charge to inspect your property now. Or invite us to do an engaging lunch presentation for your Realtor sales staff and agents. With Enviro-Decon Services, you will always receive expert and friendly service that we stand behind, and a desire to work with you to improve your sales and your clients' happiness.