Mold & Odor Removal for Property Management in Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kentwood & Kalamazoo, MI

If you are a property management company, then you've come to the right place. Your bottom line is directly proportional to the maintenance, condition of your properties and the cost to keep them at the level you have chosen. You are looking to save dollars, get the job done right and make sure your legal rights are protected. It's a tough job balancing the upkeep quality with the costs associated. Most of you have maintenance people to get these things done for you, but there are some items they can't handle, don't want to handle, and frankly some that could get you in hot water legally if they did handle them. This is where we come in.

Mold is one of those things. It has been taken care of in the past with bleach water, anti-microbials from home improvement companies, or just tear-out from maintenance personnel. Many times the cause of the mold has not been addressed and it just comes back, only to be dealt with in the same way. Here's the problem. Mold, when it is being disturbed or killed, goes into a procreative state. That is to say, it wants to survive; so it shoots out tremendous amounts of spores at this time. These, of course, go everywhere and pollute the air even more than it already was. If the reason for the moisture intrusion has not been taken care of, these spores and any Mycotoxins associated with them reattach themselves and grow even more mold.

Here's where we can help. If you have looked on any of the preceding pages of this website, you now realize our pricing for taking care of mold and the causes for it, are much, much, much lower than a traditional remediation company. Our time frames for completion are much faster, and we provide Certification for all jobs completed. This Certification is your legal salvation and also can be used in advertising your properties to the general public. But this is only a start!

  • We remove severe odor problems which include pet urine, smoke, skunk, and chemical odors(see remediation). No longer is tear-out necessary to remove the cat smell. Many times, we can even save the carpeting and pad.
  • We take care of clandestine meth-labs (see remediation) at much less costs with guaranteed results and Certification.

We use our product to accomplish these and many other types of remediation and elimination of problems. We also have licensed builders on staff for all of your restoration needs. All in all, we take care of the tough stuff. And even more importantly, we take care of you! Give us a call. We provide free phone and site consultation for virtually all projects.