2000 - Sandia National Laboratories

2000 Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) provides non-exclusive, all field-of-use licenses to EnviroFoam Technologies (EFT) of Huntsville, AL for the manufacture and sales of SNL Decontamination Technology.

DF-200® is developed through U.S. Department of Energy (USDE) / National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) funding; for the Chemical And Biological National Security Program (CBNP)

DF-200® has been deployed globally to military theaters of operation. DF-200® was the first decontaminant used to kill Anthrax and Anthrax spores which were discovered in the Hart Senate building.

2003 - EFT

2003 EFT enhanced DF-200® by adding a third component. Our product neutralizes chemical agents and kills biological agents twice as fast as nearest competitor.

2004 - EFT

2004 EFT produces an Indoor Air Quality Product (IAQP) tailored for the eradication of mold and its’ mycotoxins.

2007 - EFT

2007 EFT produces the decontamination solution product as DF-200®

A blend that includes ordinary household substances such as those found in hair conditioner and laundry detergent, DF-200® neutralizes both chemical and biological agents in less than 30 minutes. However, the solution is environmentally friendly and easy to apply.

Performance Data

In response to a national initiative to combat domestic Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW) threats, SNL has developed SNL Decon Formulation* for the mitigation and decontamination of Chemical and Biological (CB) agents. SNL Decon Formulation can be deployed as a foam, liquid spray, or fog.

*EFT is a Licensed Provider of SNL Decontamination Formulation

EFT along with SNL developed an enhanced version of our decontamination solution: DF-200®– proven to neutralize or kill broad range of WMD warfare agents faster than previous products, and it is less irritating to mucus membranes and remains environmentally friendly.

DF-200® Decontamination Solution Is Now Available For The U.S. Military and First Responders/Fire Fighters The binary blend of DF-200® simplified the preparation and DF-200®. It can be ready to apply in minutes. DF-200® Liquid Binary Blend consists of liquid Penetrator, liquid Fortifier, and Fortifier Booster.

This revolutionary decontaminate costs less and is faster acting against WMD agents. The following tables show the improved performance of DF-200 as compared to DF-100.

The notation ‘ND’ refers to a concentration below detectable limits.

DF-100 performance data is given using both methods:

Optimal pH against a specific agent

Intermediate pH (9.2) where the formulation works against all agents (but not optimally against any agent)

Traditional decontamination products are based on bleach, chlorinated solvents, or other hazardous or corrosive materials. Many products work against only a limited number of either chemical or biological agents, and are extremely caustic.

DF-200® will not damage or stain most fabrics and is safe to use on most surfaces. The solution is an environmentally-friendly blend that includes ordinary household substances – found in hair conditioner and laundry detergent.

When used as directed, DF-200® solution has proven to neutralize a broad range of contaminants, and is non-corrosive, adding no environmental load under appropriate clean-up operations.

Applied correctly, the solution draws the contamination into the liquid where the hazard is chemically altered and thoroughly oxidized, rendering the contamination harmless.