Finding a mold removal professional you can trust

So, you need to take care of that mold problem you have in your home.  Where do you start?  Bottom line...mold removal is expensive, so finding a professional you can trust is very important!

Professional mold remediation and removal is a largely unregulated industry in our state, meaning that anybody can start a mold remediation business and call themselves an expert.  This can make it hard to find a company you can trust to tackle your mold problem effectively and for a fair price.

We can help you!  Follow these recommendations for finding a reputable mold removal professional.

1. Do your research.  Look for:   

  • Good online reviews from past customers
  • Experience & longevity  in the business.  Being certified in mold remediation is good but does not always make someone an expert...because anyone can take a class.  How they conduct their business will always be a better sign of success.
  • A written guarantee to back up the work that was done
  • Type of products used.  Toxic products will release toxic chemicals into the air in your home.


2. Call a few companies to set up a personal inspection of the mold issue in your home.  During that inspection:

  • They should be open to any and all questions and be very knowledgeable about the business.
  • There should be an action plan to address the source of the moisture causing the mold.
  • Air quality in the entire home should be a top concern since mold spores and mycotoxins have been released and circulated throughout your home even before work has begun.  Ask what they are doing during and after the treatment to ensure that the air is also fully decontaminated.
  • Make sure they provide a written plan of action and exact cost quote.   This will help you compare service and price. Estimates will likely only increase and there might be aspects to the job you can do yourself.

3. Compare the mold removal plans.

  • For each company, look at how much it costs for each step.  How much does it cost for the actual mold remediation vs. equipment charges vs. product charges?
  • Find out how long the job will take and what that involves for you and your family.
  • Be careful of  ‘inexpensive’ jobs that involve painting over the mold or bleaching to kill the mold.  Neither of these methods are effective ways of killing the roots of the mold which will grow and eventually find it’s way out and back into your home despite guarantees.  In most cases, they also do not address the source of the moisture intrusion.  We have seen it many times.  The price might be attractive but not worth the long term consequences to your health for not removing the mold entirely.

4. Make a decision.  

  • The company should be bonded and insured and be willing to provide references, if you desire.
  • Address the source of the moisture unless your professional has a plan to do so.  Mold will grow back if the excessive moisture problem has not been addressed adequately.

In the end, you want to find a mold removal professional that you can trust to effectively clean up the mold problem, keep it from coming back, and clean the air in your home.  Follow these steps and you will be on your way to finding that person you can trust!